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PLUC Weekend Workout

There are so many online learning resources out there, it’s difficult to know where to start! One of the interesting sources is TED-Ed, who create ‘lessons worth sharing’. They produce fun & informative videos & lectures on numerous topics. Here are three for you to view for starters.

How To Read Music – by Tim Hansen:


To help you consider your strumming: A Different Way To Visualize Rhythm – by John Varney.

And a fascinating lecture by Evelyn Glennie about How To Truly Listen.

Why not look at their site or channel and recommend any music-related YouTubes you’ve enjoyed in the comments section below?


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PLUCking Ukes – Free Fingerpicking Lessons

Brett McQueen, from the excellent Ukulele Tricks site is offering a free three-week Fingerpicking Tricks Mini Lesson Series to subscribers on his mailing list & PLUC website readers. For any of you that have followed his free videos or enrolled in his Strumming Tricks onine course, you’ll know he’s a very clear & articulate teacher.

He says:

One of the most beautiful and exciting ways to play the ukulele is by fingerpicking…

…Over the next 3 weeks, I (Brett McQueen) will be sending you weekly videos lessons and downloadable content directly to your inbox teaching you how to fingerpick the ukulele… for free.

I selected some of the best video lessons from the Fingerpicking Tricks online video lesson course and give them to you to help you get started with fingerpicking the ukulele.

In this step-by-step, easy-to-follow 3-week lesson series, learn:

  • How to fingerpick the ukulele in a relaxed, smooth manner with correct technique
  • Learn to play the ukulele as a solo instrument
  • Play expressively and find your “voice” without singing
  • Get in-depth video instruction, sheet music, and tab showing you how to play three unique songs in three different fingerpicking styles
  • And much more…

If you’re looking for step-by-step, easy-to-follow lessons and are willing to put in at least 15 minutes of practice per day, then, this is just for you.

The course starts Mon 29 June 2015. Should you wish to enrol, make sure you complete the registration form by Sun 28 Jun, 11:59pm EDT.


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As it’s Father’s Day, here’s Ken Middleton & Alex Holmes with their arrangement of Father & Son by Cat Stevens:


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Hawaiian Summer Fair

Rosendale School Summer Festival - 4 July 2015

Rosendale School Summer Festival – 4 July 2015

On Saturday 4 July 2015 our school is having a Hawaiian-themed summer fair from 1pm – 4pm. We are asking adults and children to come along and jam on their ukuleles as part of a Ukulele Busk at 3pm.

All are welcome and it would be amazing if some of the talented people from our PLUC group on Tuesday could pop by and show off their skills…even do a performance if they dare! Claudia and I will be there with leis on (and possibly also grass skirts!) so feel free to wear Hawaiian shirts etc.

The address is:
Rosendale Primary School
Rosendale Road
West Dulwich
SE21 8LR.

Admission: FREE.

Contact us if you want to know more information or speak to me at one of our Tues practise sessions.



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PLUC Weekend Workout

Here’s a fascinating stop-frame animated YouTube from Vi Hart talking about how musical notes are made up of different frequencies. It uses an unfretted instrument (viola) to show how you can work out where along the fingerboard the different notes appear, so you can see how this translates to the uke & why the frets are where they are.

Towards the end, it also explains how our ears are not only really good at distinguishing between lots of different sounds occurring at the same time & working out that you can hear a piece of music, car horn & your mobile ring tone all at once, but ‘fills in the gaps’ where some of the frequencies are missing. So that’s why we sometimes say we can play chords & leave out certain notes & it doesn’t matter (as the ears compensate) or that it can be pleasant when people in the group play slightly different inversions of the chords, to complete the full range of what the ears expect to hear.

Enjoy watching & then maybe follow it up with looking at our Very, Very, Very Basic Understanding of Music for Absolute Beginners & other Weekend Workout or music theory posts. Hopefully that will help make things hang together more easily if you’re still fairly new to the theory side or find it a little daunting.


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Festival Season

Alternative Sibelius - Ukulele Workshops & Concert, Finnish Church, Rotherhithe

Alternative Sibelius – Ukulele Workshops & Concert

Once again, we see the beginning of the festival season. Last week PLUC played its regular spot at the Pratts Bottom Village Fete. On Sat 23 May we perform again at the Hither Green Festival. Get in quickly if you want tickets for this year’s show!

There are several ukulele festivals coming up. Locally, the Finnish Church at Rotherhithe is holding a weekend of events on 6 – 7 June as part of this year’s Alternative Sibelius celebrations. This includes some workshops for children & adults, plus a concert on the Sunday. A little further afield, on Sun 24 May there’s the Rye Ukulele Festival from 12.30pm, which culminates in a Big Busk at 5pm (songbook & more details on their website).

As ever, check out the Mighty Ukulele site & join their newsletter for other local happenings or let us know if you spot or attend any interesting festivals, workshops or events.

Here’s some Finlandia played on the cavaquinho at the Fnnish Church:

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Do get out & vote today, folks! Here’s the Martini Encounter with I Predict A (Political) Riot:


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