PLUC Weekend Workout

20 Apr
Colour-coded musical notes: uke fretboard, tab & musical stave

Rainbow Music Ukulele Map

People learn ukulele & music theory differently, so I was interested to find the Rainbow Music site, which offers free on-line music lessons, basing learning round colour-coded musical notes.

Although you need to register to access the members’ area, once you’ve done so there is plenty to see & practice without needing to buy their paid-for resources:

  • You can be guided through a number of daily music lessons for a basic week’s course.
  • They explain notes, scales, chords & keys in a simple way & have some easy to use interactive features that let you try these out.
  • The colour-coding is a nice visual aid to help those new to learning music.
  • I found the way everything is counted in half-note intervals might confuse folk used to conventional music notation – but if you’re just starting off it’s a good way to get going, as they seem to be showing the ‘proper’ numbering alongside their own teaching numbers.
  • The interactive uke fretboard has a number of pleasing features – you can click on any note on the fretboard to find out its name; click on any note name to find all instances of that wherever it appears; build up chords by clicking on the notes they contain (eg for C major – click on C, E & G to see where those notes are & work out the many ways you can play the same chord up the neck of the uke); build up scales in a similar way.
  • As we’ve been discussing movable chords recently in our club nights, this might help folk piece that together if they don’t quite understand the theory yet.

Certainly a site worth playing around with to boost your music theory knowledge, especially if you’ve been struggling with some of the other, more formal, sites.

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