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When we were playing After You’ve Gone this week, Rufus mentioned that he’d recorded a version in his garden with Alli, founder of Ukulele Cosmos. It seems a fitting song to post here on St Skeletor’s Day:


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Gigs With Ukes 4

Sunday 29th September’s Ukulele Cabaret & Workshop at The Albany, Deptford, was a great night. First was Tricity Vogue, hosting the evening. She has an infectious personality, great voice and music ability. Read the rest of this entry »


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Gigs With Ukes 3

Tricity Vogue

Q/ What do you call a woman with a uke on her head?  A/ Tricity Vogue

On Sunday 29 September, Tricity Vogue‘s Ukulele Cabaret & Workshop returns to The Albany, Douglas Way, Deptford, London SE8 4AG. It’s £7 for show only, £12 for workshop & show. The workshop runs 4.30 – 6.30pm, show 7 – 9pm.

Once again, PLUC’s Uncle Rufus will be there performing along with Nick Browning & Tricity. Other acts include Ewan Wardrop & trio, the Sugar Sisters.

The grand finale will be a mass performance by the Albany All Stars – everyone who’s just attended that afternoon’s workshop will play a huge group medley.

I attended last year & it was great fun! The workshop splits you into beginners & more advanced – some people had never touched a uke before. It’s a good way of finding out what it’s like to perform in front of an audience (I can just be spotted at the back in the videos!).

Bring your own uke &, if you have one, music stand (so you’re more comfortable looking at the music – we were in a room without tables last time).

Read Ed’s review of the 2013 show.


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PLUC Tales – My Ukulele Origins…

PLUC At Simon's 40th - Uncle Rufus

PLUC At Simon’s 40th – Uncle Rufus

In September 1973, I started secondary school. A big school, with lots of talented boys; many of them musical, some ambitious to perform. We fantasised about forming bands (this was the high era of Pub Rock, just pre-punk DIY ethos, after all). I was OK at singing, as that’s what I’d done for some time. We used to get together round at one another’s houses and copy records.

By 1974, we were a little older, and a little more ambitious. Guitars were being studied in music lessons by some. I still had piano lessons out of school, and was playing the cello. But neither of these instruments was any good for our embryonic band. I knew what I wanted to play.

At the top end of Bromley high street was an old and small music shop, run by a man of indeterminate age, though he must have been well into his seventies. I had a wodge of Birthday / Christmas gift money in my pocket. “Do you have any ukuleles?” I asked. The old boy shuffled off into the back of the tiny shop, emerging some considerable time later with a thick white cardboard box from which, true to time-honoured cliche, he was blowing the dust. “Is this what you want?” he said. Read the rest of this entry »


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Bonza Club Night!

At this week’s club night we had a surprise visit from some Antipodean ukers – two players each from The Blue Mountains Ukulele Group and SSCUM – St George and Sutherland Community of Ukulele Musicians who were over in the UK separately on holiday visiting friends, family & ukulele builders. They’d been looking to find a local group with whom to enjoy an evening’s strumming & we were delighted for them to join us for the evening!

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Good Buy To All That…

English: A red Ukulele, manufactured by Makala

Red Makala Ukulele (Photo – Wikipedia)

There was a time, not so very long ago, when getting hold of a decent ukulele was very hard. Unless you spent ages searching and sifting through small ads, or relying on word of mouth, you were unlikely to find anything other than vintage models by respected manufacturers (sometimes expensive), or attic-stored junk.

The internet changed all that; and the so-called ‘Third Wave’ of popularity for the uke that has grown over the past fifteen years or so means that newcomers to the instrument have never had it so good. Following on from the fine examples set by Stagg, Bushman, Mainland and others in the early days, many current manufacturers and importers feature perfectly serviceable beginners’ instruments in their rosters.

At the budget end are the brightly coloured instruments to be found in many high street music shops. There are two major brands: Mahalo and Makala (most manufacturers choose a Hawaiian name, despite nearly all of these instruments being made in Far East factories).

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Hollesley 2012

So: one week on, and the comedown is just about over. The inevitable blues and emptiness that hit after a great, great, time have just about gone. Can it really be a whole year till the next Hollesley?

Every year about this time, there is a gathering in Suffolk of uke folk on a truly international level at the famous Hollesley Ukulele Jamboree. What started out as a fairly casual gathering of friends six or seven years ago has now become (to its devotees at least) THE premier ukulele event anywhere. Visitors come from as far as the USA, South Africa – even Australia – though most are from the UK and Europe (with a curiously high proportion of Swedes…).

There’s about 120 of us in the group photo – including partners, kids, friends…It’s a very inclusive thing. Read the rest of this entry »


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Gigs With Ukes 2

Tricity Vogue's Ukulele Cabaret - Albany, Deptford - 10 June 2012

Sun 10 June 2012 saw Tricity Vogue’s Ukulele Cabaret visit the Albany, Deptford. Starring Tricity, Nick Browning & PLUC’s very own Rufus Yells, there were also a number of other fine acts, including Banjo Dez, Clare Uchima & The Dulwich Ukulele Club. For the finale, folk had been invited to turn up with their ukuleles for a pre-show workshop & perform as the Albany All Stars. All great fun!

Bare Necessities by Nick, Uncle Rufus & Tricity:

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