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Sing Along A Max

At this week’s session we were talking about people being shy of singing, ways to gain confidence & improve volume.

I’ve put some singing guides from different sites in the Instructional folder of the PLUC Box to help folk start doing some gentle practice at home, get more used to the sound of their own voice and be able to both sing & play the uke at the same time.

We’ve previously shown examples of uke groups with a great ethos of getting all their members to sing along together and of my experiences participating in the Southbank’s Chorus Festivals in 2013 & 2014, which was brilliant fun once I got over my initial trepidation at singing with groups of total strangers! It’s always good to challenge yourself & try something different or you never gain new skills.

There are a number of YouTubes out there which show you how to assess your vocal range. This one from is fun, as it matches your range with different singers. Once you’ve watched the video, put in your result & it will give you your ‘vocal twin’!


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Big Busk, Sat 28th July 2012 – Review

Billy Bragg‘s Big Busk is an annual event at the Southbank & open to all musicians. At 2pm there was a rehearsal in the Festival Village (a cavernous room under the Queen Elizabeth Hall), where a motley crew of guitarists, uke players, percussionists & others had gathered to join in the fun.

Guitarist Ben Mandleson ensured everyone was tuned up, then Billy joked that busking tunes should only contain two chords – three was showing off! His crew behind had a selection of large cards with the guitar chords drawn on, which were held up as he played – confusion often reigned in the numbers with quick chord changes when the wrong cards were held up.

Daydream Believer, Big Busk 2012

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Big Busk, Sat 28th July 2012

Billy Bragg is hosting a free Big Busk session at the Southbank on Saturday 28th July. Musicians of any ability welcome to attend the song-learning session at 2pm in the Festival Village (under the Queen Elizabeth Hall). The songs will be easy to play, according to Billy! The Big Busk itself will be at 4pm.

Our review is here.


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