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Good Buy To All That…

English: A red Ukulele, manufactured by Makala

Red Makala Ukulele (Photo – Wikipedia)

There was a time, not so very long ago, when getting hold of a decent ukulele was very hard. Unless you spent ages searching and sifting through small ads, or relying on word of mouth, you were unlikely to find anything other than vintage models by respected manufacturers (sometimes expensive), or attic-stored junk.

The internet changed all that; and the so-called ‘Third Wave’ of popularity for the uke that has grown over the past fifteen years or so means that newcomers to the instrument have never had it so good. Following on from the fine examples set by Stagg, Bushman, Mainland and others in the early days, many current manufacturers and importers feature perfectly serviceable beginners’ instruments in their rosters.

At the budget end are the brightly coloured instruments to be found in many high street music shops. There are two major brands: Mahalo and Makala (most manufacturers choose a Hawaiian name, despite nearly all of these instruments being made in Far East factories).

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PLUC Tales – It’s Been A Year…

Jeanette's Purple Mahalo Uke

Jeanette’s Purple Mahalo Uke

I realised with surprise the other day that I’ve now owned my ukulele for a year!

I’d been going upstairs to a neighbour’s flat, to water his plants & feed his cat over the summer, & found myself coveting his uke, which sat there winking at me along with piles of songs showing chord diagrams. It looked like it would be fun to have a strum.

Knowing it was bad manners to play with someone’s instrument without prior permission, I joked with a friend that, if I could find a cheap uke in my favourite colour, maybe I’d get one & teach myself. Within about thirty seconds on Google I realised that I could indeed purchase a purple Mahalo, reviewed as a good entry level cheap beginners’ ukulele, for £15. There seemed to be masses of on-line resources of tutorials & songs, so the deed was done & it arrived to my work the next day, much to the amusement of my colleagues!

Having dug out my notes from my first steps in learning, I thought some of the info might be useful to other recent beginners: Read the rest of this entry »


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