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It Was Fifty Years Ago Today…

The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper, with its iconic cover art, is possibly the most influential pop album ever, recorded with great ingenuity on just four-tracks back in 1967. A mix of styles, from rock to vaudeville, psychedelic to Indian, it’s seen as an early concept album.

Unsurprisingly, numerous ukulele versions of its songs abound. Dip into most of our regularly recommended YouTube artists & songbook sites to find some of these well-known tunes lurking. However, for those seeking chords to the entire album, why not try Beatle-lele or Stewart Greenhill? The former site has interesting playing tips (& we use his version of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds); the latter allows for easy transposing or showing in different layouts.

Eat My Uke gives tabs of the main riffs for all of the tunes, played here in a medley: Read the rest of this entry »


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PLUC 2015 Top Ten – April

Xmas Strumalong 2013 - 07 Tina, Anthony & Kev

Tina, Anthony & Kev

Kevin’s has dug out an excellent three numbers for us to try in April. We’ll be playing them as a group on Tue 31 March & Tue 7 April, as people seem to need a little longer than a week to practice & it worked well this month playing everything on two weeks. Read the rest of this entry »


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PLUC Member’s Choice – The Beatles Complete On Ukulele

As they are my favourite group, one of the first things I wanted to do when starting the ukulele was to play Beatle numbers on it. Fortunately, there are plenty of sites on-line with arrangements (some better than others!) & a variety of books for uke or guitar containing the chords.

I was delighted when I came across The Beatles Complete on Ukulele project around this time last year, when one of the mailing lists to which I subscribed posted a link to Gerald Ross’ rendition of Penny Lane:

Read the rest of this entry »


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As today is John Lennon’s birthday, here are a couple of fun uke covers of two of his songs, performed by Tsutomu Yoshikawa.

Across The Universe  – from the Let It Be album (on-line tutorial):

Nowhere Man – from Rubber Soul (chords):


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Plastic Uke-o Band

At this week’s club night it was suggested we try out some John Lennon numbers (we already do some Beatles songs).

Here’s a nice tutorial for Imagine (chords here from Richard G in C):

I also think Dear Yoko would be fun to play – this is Lennon’s original home demo from 1980:

Ultimate Guitar have the chords and, for the guitarists amongst you, here’s a tutorial if someone fancies tabbing it up in more detail for the uke.

If anyone wants to suggest other uke-friendly Lennon tracks, with YouTubes or chords in the comments section, feel free.


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