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Hollesley 2016 – Farewell

It was that Hollesley time of year again, but sunny Suffolk was a mix of joy and sadness as it was to be the last year at this site. Still it didn’t dampen the spirits, the revelry or uke playing.

Hollesley 2016 – Phil Doleman, Rufus & others playing Enjoy Yourself (filmed by almuzo):

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Hollesley 2015

If you like listening to or playing the uke, if you like meeting fun-loving, friendly and knowledgeable people, all in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk countryside, then Hollesley Ukulele Jamboree was the place to be. Read the rest of this entry »


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Hollesley 2012

So: one week on, and the comedown is just about over. The inevitable blues and emptiness that hit after a great, great, time have just about gone. Can it really be a whole year till the next Hollesley?

Every year about this time, there is a gathering in Suffolk of uke folk on a truly international level at the famous Hollesley Ukulele Jamboree. What started out as a fairly casual gathering of friends six or seven years ago has now become (to its devotees at least) THE premier ukulele event anywhere. Visitors come from as far as the USA, South Africa – even Australia – though most are from the UK and Europe (with a curiously high proportion of Swedes…).

There’s about 120 of us in the group photo – including partners, kids, friends…It’s a very inclusive thing. Read the rest of this entry »


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