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PLUC Tales – Santa Rides Again

Alan Forster's Brunswick Blonde Solid Top Soprano 2

Alan Forster’s Brunswick Blonde Solid Top Soprano

Like many people, I have always wanted to play an instrument – any instrument. I have dabbled with the harmonica and the tin whistle and enjoyed both but never got very far. My music teacher even tried to teach me the trombone when I was at school – fantastic instrument but not for me.

Then in 2012, while reading the syllabus of the local authorities adult education classes, I saw Guitar for Beginners. Got a guitar, signed up and off we went. Met some nice people and enjoyed the classes a lot but struggled – particularly with the chord changes – the message left the brain but took about a week to get to the fingers. Read the rest of this entry »


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PLUC Tales – Why Ed Started Playing The Ukulele

Stagg Soprano Ukulele (

Stagg Soprano Ukulele (

I suggested to my 30 year old son that I wouldn’t mind being able to play some kind of musical instrument now that I have retired from work and have more time on my hands. Perhaps the ukulele would be a good idea because they are reasonable to buy and portable, It would be nice if I could knock out a tune or two for the grand children, I told him.

So, lo and behold, on my birthday in April 2012 he gave me a uke! I must have played around with it a little too much because the bridge came loose (the bit that the strings are fixed to on the body). I tried in vain to glue it back on, it failed to hold. I trawled the internet and found a Stagg soprano ukulele for £35 and then fitted new strings for another £5. The reason for changing the strings was that the cheap ones that were fitted would not stay in tune for very long (new strings made by Aquila are very good).

Well, still only finding songs on the internet and watching things on YouTube were the only resources that I used, then one day I came across the PLUC website: not only did they meet up locally but it was free and new members – even those like me that could hardly play a thing – were welcome.

It was October 2012 that I started going along on a Tuesday evening and found it very relaxed. I was made to feel at home straight away. Playing along with others has been a massive help, I have been able to pick up loads of tips, but most of all it has been fun.

Don’t be put off even if you have never played an instrument before in your life, it is never too late to learn and I am having a great time. My two and three year old grandsons enjoy a singalong as well!


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Good Buy To All That…

English: A red Ukulele, manufactured by Makala

Red Makala Ukulele (Photo – Wikipedia)

There was a time, not so very long ago, when getting hold of a decent ukulele was very hard. Unless you spent ages searching and sifting through small ads, or relying on word of mouth, you were unlikely to find anything other than vintage models by respected manufacturers (sometimes expensive), or attic-stored junk.

The internet changed all that; and the so-called ‘Third Wave’ of popularity for the uke that has grown over the past fifteen years or so means that newcomers to the instrument have never had it so good. Following on from the fine examples set by Stagg, Bushman, Mainland and others in the early days, many current manufacturers and importers feature perfectly serviceable beginners’ instruments in their rosters.

At the budget end are the brightly coloured instruments to be found in many high street music shops. There are two major brands: Mahalo and Makala (most manufacturers choose a Hawaiian name, despite nearly all of these instruments being made in Far East factories).

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