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Killing The Blues

Tyler at Ten Thumbs Productions is doing a Ten Day Blues Challenge in October, releasing ten different blues tutorials on various techniques & topics, including PDFs of each lesson. The crash course aims to take you from beginners’ blues to intermediate level, basic shuffles to soloing and pull-offs to pentatonics. Even if you already play a little blues, there’s bound to be something for you to learn with him.

Complete all ten challenges any time during October – as explained by him in his video – & optionally enter the draw to win a ukulele. It’s free and open to everyone.

(Winner will be picked on 1 Nov, based on effort rather than skill.)


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PLUC Weekend Workout

Musical-U Genre Quiz

Musical-U Genre Quiz

How much attention do you pay to the different styles and genres of music when you are listening to tunes? Can you identify what’s jazz or soul? Do you know your arias from your Elbow?

This week’s fun quiz from Musical-U has fourteen short clips for you to match up with the descriptions of various genres ranging from alternative to world, blues to rap & country to ska. Bonus points if you can also identify the artists!

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