PLUC Tips – Tina

26 Feb

Here is one of my favourite uke tutorial YouTubes.

This is by Ten Thumbs Productions. Tyler Austenfeld produces a wide range of ukulele materials – he does a couple of new song tutorials every week (from beginners to advanced; classics to the latest chart hits) in addition to lessons covering different playing techniques.

Here he takes you through the song Lava, from the Pixar short animation of the same name, which was shown alongside the movie Inside Out. The song was written by Pixar director, James Ford Murphy. This was the first time that I saw this Lava video and fell in love with this small motion picture and the very catchy chorus. I love the play on the lyrics ‘someone to lava’.

My son and I often sing through the words, at times making them up as we go along, but just keeping to the style of music.

It is very easy on the ukulele, although I need to keep practising my Up, Up, Up-Down, Up-Down, Up, Up, Up-Down, Up-Down (SMILE). However, whenever I’m practising my son always comes along and perches on the side arm of the sofa and sings the words as I attempt to play. It’s always a comical time/moment.



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One response to “PLUC Tips – Tina

  1. elsa conreaux

    February 26, 2016 at 7:50 pm

    Hello Tina Thank you very much for these lovely selections of music.

    regards Elsa

    Sent from Samsung tablet


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