Save Tin Pan Alley!

30 Aug

Denmark Street – known as the British ‘Tin Pan Alley’ – lies tucked away just off Charing Cross Road & has been the home of many important music-related businesses since the 1920s: music publishers, songwriters, recording studios & rehearsal spaces, bars, sheet music vendors & instrument shops. Musicians connected with the street include the Rolling Stones, Kinks, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Elton John & the Sex Pistols. The NME & Melody Maker magazines had their early offices there.

For most of us now it’s the nearest place we can go to find a selection of shops to try out ukuleles & other instruments – particularly specialist guitars – before buying, rather than making purchases online. It’s still the centre of London’s music industry, with many hundreds of thousands of visitors.

With the Crossrail development cutting through the area, numerous places round Tottenham Court Road station have already been closed down & demolished. In January 2015, properties such as the 12 Bar Club and the Enterprise rehearsal studios were shut in preparation for further building works.

A petition has been raised to try to preserve this historic musical street & rejuvenate it, before it’s completely lost to becoming luxury flats, hotels or more faceless offices, with just a very few shops allowed to remain.

Do please have a read about the background to the campaign & sign the petition if you feel Denmark Street’s musical heritage should be saved. Thank you.

Trailer from RoundBoy Pictures‘ forthcoming official documentary, The Demise Of Denmark Street:


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