Uke-o-vision Song Contest

10 May

Tonight see the Eurovision Song Contest, this year in Copenhagen. In addition to plenty of kitsch numbers, there’s an air of the circus, with a man in a hamster wheel, dancers with parachutes, trampoliners & a bearded lady belting out a fine Bond theme style number.

Here is Elizabeth Rojo’s cover of an old UK entry from Clodagh Rodgers, Jack In The Box (which came fourth in 1971):


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One response to “Uke-o-vision Song Contest


    May 20, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Hi Janette & everyone Many apologies I have not made it along to the club of late, I have been away with work several times, up to visit my old Mum in the Midlands, & last week I was offered free tickets to a theatre event (which normally costs £35!) so I went – it was amazing actually! And this week I have got a lot of prep to do for an audition & a choir gig this week, so…… its been a tad full on.

    I am hoping to get back next week, albeit with a new v cheapo uke as mine is in Hospital at the local music shop ……she had a nasty accident & is being fixed hopefully soon, but to keep practicing I brought a cheapo £20 jobbie from town … have black fingers! but it is now staying in tune most of the time

    Have fun y’all & see you soon Best wishes donna x



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