PLUC Member’s Choice 2013 – Darren

19 Dec

I like George Elmes (he’s Irish) because he learns most of the stuff from watching videos. I struggle with it on a piece of paper in front of me.

Check out his video of Roy Smeck’s arrangement of Anton Rubinstein’s Melody In F on YouTube below.

Also, I do not use any sites (all selling something), but the best buy uke-related item this year has been an app called UChord.(for those with smart phones). Very simple to use: if you want a different voicing for a chord, you simply press C, D, G or whatever; next 6th,7th, 9ths, sharps and flats. It will then give you four variations of the chord you picked to add a little spice to your playing and also understand the fretboard a little better.

Coming up the neck is invaluable and, once you get the feel for barred chords, more simple than first position chords, and all with the ease of just moving up 1 – 2 frets, keeping the same finger position – or might just be the case of moving one finger and so on. Just watch Rufus!



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