Gigs With Ukes 4

04 Oct

Sunday 29th September’s Ukulele Cabaret & Workshop at The Albany, Deptford, was a great night. First was Tricity Vogue, hosting the evening. She has an infectious personality, great voice and music ability.

Moving onto Ewan Wardrop, who did a George Formby impersonation, playing Fanlight Fanny and Riding In The T T Races, then completing his set with a couple of his own comedy songs. I personally thought his own material was best with a new slant on the children’s song about Five Little Ducks that went out to play.

Then Nick Browning, who led the ukulele workshop that afternoon, was joined on stage with our very own Rufus Yells, who performed several numbers, including Doctor Jazz. With Nick’s picking and Rufus’ strumming and vocals they make a well balanced duo. Tricity came back on with another set so that those who had ukuleles with them could join in.

Crazy Rhythm, from last year’s Ukulele Cabaret (L to R – Nick Browning, Rufus Yells & Tricity Vogue):

The next act was The Sugar Sisters, who are a close harmony trio (a bit like the Andrew sisters) with one ukulele for accompaniment. They are a lot better looking in person than their publicity picture and have great voices.

The pièce de résistance was the Albany All Stars (made up of those uke players who’d turned up to the workshop, many of whom were beginners), joining all the previous acts on stage for a medley of songs that were practised at the workshop that afternoon.

Albany All Stars led by Tricity Vogue, Nick Browning & Rufus Yells, featuring special guests Ewan Wardrop & The Sugar Sisters (Ed & Jos at the back on the left). Playing  a ‘Take A Walk’ Medley – Walk On The Wild Side, Tiptoe Through The Tulips, Hit The Road Jack & These Boots Are Made For Walking.

I am sure all that came had a brilliant night out and already a couple of the people from the workshop have joined our Tuesday evening at PLUC for further practice.

Keep strumming.

Read Jeanette’s posting about the 2012 show.

The Sugar Sisters, performing Everybody Wants To Be a Cat:


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