PLUC Tales – From Classical To PLUC

19 Jun
Andrew with one of his many ukuleles

Andrew with one of his many ukuleles

I’d always been aware of the uke – as a child I loved George Formby, had seen Tessie O’Shea on TV, but for some reason I never took an interest in owning one. I was mainly interested in Classical music, and that became exclusive from about 1969 until about 1975. I think the birth of heavy metal was what put me off pop.

Since I got my first job I had wanted a classical guitar, but never got around to it. I never realised how cheap they were compared with the oboe I had been learning. And I was ashamed of my bitten finger nails.

I’d been in a music shop in Brighton a couple of years ago where I plinked a uke hanging from the ceiling and wondered at the re-entrant tuning. Then came the Frank Skinner Formby documentary, and, not put off by the long-haired, bearded, Hawaiian-shirted cynic, I bought a uke and a guitar on Amazon and, since a friend swore by Violin For Dummies, I bought Ukulele For Dummies, where I found the Cosmos’s URL.

On the Cosmos I found out about PLUC, which I attended once and then had a heart-attack, which, followed by a spinal chord injury, put me out of action for 6 months, but now at last I’m becoming a PLUC regular and long may it continue.


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