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PLUC Tales – A History Of The Ukulele – And Its Part In My Downfall

James' Ukuleles

James’ Ukuleles

The ukulele, as you will doubtless be aware, was discovered in 1603 by Galileo Galilei, a talented baker from Italy.

Unlike his other discoveries (the pizza, representing a flat earth, and dough balls, representing the solar system), the ukulele did not immediately strike a chord with the public, possibly due to the difficulty in cultivating them (greenhouses at this time were very primitive structures).

It was only after the Catholic Church banished him to Hawaii that the ukulele was a big hit. The warmer climate in Hawaii meant that ukulele trees bore lots more fruit of varying sizes (the young sopranino fruits being most bountiful but if left to mature, richer tasting soprano, tenor and concert sized fruit were borne). Read the rest of this entry »


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