PLUC Weekend Workout

02 Jun
Singing Practice (Discover Magazine - Jay Smith)

Singing Practice, Discover Magazine (Image credit: Jay Smith)

Continuing our current theme of improving one’s singing, here’s a link to Theta Music Trainer’s Vocal Match game. You’ll need a mic on your machine (or headphones/webcam with a mic). We’ve written about them before – they have a huge range of fun theory games to try. See also some of our previous Weekend Workout postings too.


Other quizzes include: A Question of Uke – TV & Movie ThemesPLUC Weekend Workout – Flashcard Machine Ukulele ChordsPLUC Weekend Workout – Theta Music TrainerPLUC Weekend Workout – memrise on-line coursesPLUC Weekend Workout – Speak Ukulele Challenge!PLUC Weekend Workout – On-line Ear TrainerPLUC Weekend Workout – EarMaster Reference Songs For IntervalsPLUC Weekend Workout – Music Tech Teacher; PLUC Weekend Workout – Fretboard Master GamePLUC Weekend Workout – Guitarator Chord Quiz


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