PLUCking Ukes – Key Facts

31 Mar

Keys. (Photo credit: Bohman)

Two different people asked me about musical keys this week.

A key is a collection of notes in a particular pattern. If you start singing a song on one note & then sing the same song but begin it on a different note, it’s still the same song but is in a different key.You’ll also have to play different chords to make it sound right.

Here are two different versions of The Kinks’ Lola – one on Ukulele Boogaloo & one from Richard G’s Songbook. You’ll notice the difference when you play them – you might find the chords easier to play in one version or that you can sing along better on one.

The main note in the key is called the root or tonic. So, when we say that something is in the key of C, C will be the root or tonic. It’s the first note that appears in the scale & most important note in that key.

Do have a look round the site as we’ve put a number of different articles up here on this topic. Feel free to keep asking questions – it’s the best way to learn.



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3 responses to “PLUCking Ukes – Key Facts

  1. laurie

    April 1, 2013 at 4:25 pm

    hi jeanette, its nice to connect with the uke community in england! you have a fabulous blog. i’ll be back 😀 all the best, laurie

    • webmasterpluc

      April 1, 2013 at 4:53 pm

      Thanks a lot Laurie & all the best with your project – I hope you get plenty of funding & manage to help a lot of people out in India. Your blogs are very touching, especially of the women playing the ukes you’ve got for them.


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