PLUCking Ukes – Striking A Chord

21 Oct
learning chords

learning chords (Photo credit: khrawlings)

Especially when you are new to playing or are learning a tune with some unfamiliar chords, you often find it’s useful having the chord diagrams to hand on your songsheet. To save you drawing them on freehand, here are a few of our members’ tips:

  • Colin recommends the self-inking five-fret blank ukulele chord stamp bought recently from Shropshire firm Pencraft. He found it invaluable when going through his songbooks putting the songs into 2nd and 3rd positions. They do two sizes for ukes & each currently costs £10 plus £3 p&p. At present, they include a free Wheel of Fifths and a Ukulele World DVD with every order.

  • Jan 2013 update – Jeanette has just tried one of the regular Vistaprint free product deals to obtain a self-inking four-fret blank stamp for just the postage cost (under £4). This is the design file, which you may use (image source from Chordette) or select your own high-quality chord box image.
  • Jeanette has used UkeFarm’s Chordette. It’s a freeware uke chord library program (donations welcome) that also contains a set of fonts that can be loaded into a word-processing program, such as Word. For example, if you make a text box along the top or down the side of the songsheet you wish to annotate, you can then insert the Chordette chords (just choose a nice large font size – such as 48 – as they come out pretty small on the page otherwise!).
  • Paul’s recommendation is more freeware (donation welcome), Songsheet Generator from TenByTen Software allows you to create a songsheet. Then use Stewart Greenhill’s chordrc file too to add the chord diagrams – see Stewart’s instructions about where to save the chordrc file so that Songsheet Generator can use it.
  • Jacqueline & Ed both use blank chord chart sheets, The PLUC – Empty Vertical Ukulele Chord Boxes document from Jacqueline can be printed down the side of an existing songsheet without any chord diagrams if you feed the paper through a second time (or you can just copy the column of blank chords & paste it directly into the songsheet).

Other postings containing chord charts: PLUCking Ukes – Striking A Chord – DaSilva Ukulele Co & Circle of FifthsPLUC Tales – It’s Been A Year… – Useful Resource Sites For Beginners

Other sites with tools for identifying chords: UkeBuddy’s Chord Finder & Chord Namer; UkuTabs’ Chord Finder & Chord BuilderThe Ukulele Helper – Chord Finder & Scales


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6 responses to “PLUCking Ukes – Striking A Chord

  1. killkaties

    October 21, 2012 at 7:21 pm

    I like using a pen on my piece of paper (prices from 50p) . Does anyone have any tips for remembering to bring a pen along?

    • webmasterpluc

      October 21, 2012 at 7:36 pm

      Velcro one to your ukeing jumper?

      PS You’re definitely being overcharged for your stationery 😉

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