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Ukulele Playalongs

I found a new site of playalong tunes yesterday which allows you to search a huge number of YouTubes for artist or song title. It then automatically generates the chords for songs, which synchronise along the bottom of the screen so you can strum in the same key & accompany the original.

Called Riffstation, it’s only in a beta version at present & is based round their paid-for guitar software (which has a lot more features). You can switch it to ukulele (or guitar or piano). It puts the chords down the bottom of the screen & chord diagrams on the right hand side.

It recognises major, minor & seventh chords, so won’t do anything complicated or jazzy. They claim around 85% accuracy on pop tunes. If it’s in a key you find hard to play, there’s a capo feature to allow you to transpose.

I messed around with it & found it interesting to try – some basic songs were spot on; others needed tweaking (but it was a good starting point if you had something you wanted to try playing); & some just weren’t playable (sometimes due to the chords in the song, others I’m guessing due to it not being able to pick out the melody from the arrangement). It struggles with certain things, such as trying to convert spoken sections, but as it only takes a few seconds to convert each song, it’s easy just to move onto something else if your number doesn’t work out. As with anything like this, it’s a case of listening & using your common sense to see if it sounds right.

Nice & easy to use – you can register to logon & keep a songbook of the tunes you want to play. Put on your spandex & dig out all those cheesy disco numbers!


Other strumalong postings inlcude: Ukulele Playalongs – Sheep Entertainment; Ukulele Playalongs – Ukulele Undergorund


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Ukulele Playalongs

As it’s my brother’s birthday today, here’s a swift post giving the Number One when he was born – Frank & Nancy Sinatra singing Something Stupid. For your delectation, here’s a strumalong with Stu Kulele:

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Ukulele Playalongs

After dancing around to Chris’ rendition of Foot Tapper at this week’s club night, a visit to Ukulele Underground revealed a selection of numbers you can bop to in their video lessons section, such as Billie Jean and Gangnam Style (who says we’re not up-to -date?). Many of these can be found on their Ukulele Play-Along channel, so you can strum along with the UU group.

For starters, here’s the Hawaii Five-O Theme - book ‘em, Danno:


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Ukulele Playalongs

Anyone who’s ever fancied strumming along with famous musical acts need look no further than the crazy Sheep Entertainment site (

In addition to their Chord Finder utility, there are two different types of uke playalongs – the simple audio ones (found by either clicking on the picture of Elvis in the blue three-wheeler car or on the red Playalong Songs Go! plectrum wherever you see it) or choose Ukulele Playalong, which gives you access to a songlist & over 150 YouTubes, many of them fab old Top Of The Pops recordings.

Ensure you change to the appropriate tuning for your instrument, then you’ll see the chord layouts on a uke fretboard, alongside the chord names & lyrics as you go. Have a fun time!


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