PLUC Member’s Choice 2013 – The Results

Well, it’s been an exciting & entertaining couple of weeks, with a varied selection of sites & songs submitted by our club members. And some friendly, competitive voting right up until the last-minute!

Many of the nominees got in touch when they saw they’ve been mentioned; they were all very charming & thanked us, which is nice given we’re just a small site (& much farther down the top uke website rankings than most of them).

Our poll has been featured on a number of different sites, from blogs to newsletters, from Facebook to Twitter & we’ve had a good influx of new visitors from them. Plus the usual curious folk who happen by at this time of year because they’ve just received a ukulele for Xmas or are thinking of purchasing one to learn to play in the new year.

  • The winner of our Member’s Choice website of 2013 is Ukulele Hunt, which narrowly pipped Got A Ukulele to the post by just two votes.
  • And the Member’s Choice song is a 1994 number, covered in 2013 by the  pUKEs, Because You’re Young, with a resounding victory over Joe Brown’s rendition of the PLUC favourite from 1982, Ain’t No Pleasing You. Selected tunes were composed between 1878 – 1994, showing our eclectic tastes in the group.

Click on the images below to see more detailed results:

1) Best Ukulele Website Of 2013 - Results

1) Best Ukulele Website Of 2013 – Results

2) Best Ukulele Song Of 2013 - Results

2) Best Ukulele Song Of 2013 – Results


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New Uke For Xmas?

English: A Kohala Seminary student poses with ...

English: A Kohala Seminary student poses with her ukulele in this 1912 photo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, if you’ve just received a new ukulele for Christmas, check out last year’s tips for handy resources, beginners’ sites & local groups (or come & join our free weekly sessions if you’re in London, Kent or Surrey).

If you’re looking to buy a uke, see our guide to good starter instruments. And do check round this site for plenty of articles on playing tips and other useful free websites.

And if you just want to enjoy a bit of uke fun, try out the Ukulele Hunt’s annual Xmas Quiz.

We’re back strumming at the Lewis Club on Tue 7 Jan 2014.



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It’s Christmas…

Seasons greetings to everyone!

Here’s Rocky & Balls’ The Christmas Song Song (& head to the full Ukulele Hunt Xmas playlist if you want more uke festive fun or, if you fancy a jolly sitar take on an old fave, grab this free Magnatune download from Anup):

PS Just a few more days to vote in our 2013 PLUC Member’s Choice Poll. Choose your favourite site & song, as nominated by our club members.

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Christmas Strumalong 2013

The final club night of the year was our annual Christmas Strumalong at the Jolly Farmers pub, attended by a select number of the group – Anthony, Bob, Chris, Colin, Dan, Ed, James, Jeanette, Jos, Kev, Imogen, Maish, Rufus, Steve & Tina.

As usual, we’d circulated Xmas songs in early Dec & had deliberated at the preceding club night which ones to avoid, I mean play, on the night.

We entertained the pub with our regular PLUC tunes plus a smattering of Christmas numbers to the small but appreciative audience. As ever, we finished with the best song: Mele Kalikimaka.

A time to welcome all the lovely new members who’ve joined us this year; remember all our PLUC absent friends (hoping to see them again very soon); & to say a couple of farewells: to Anthony – moving out of London & will hopefully final a new local group to attend  - & Imogen – another newbie who may be working away for a few months in the New Year & said she’d miss us all.

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PLUC Member’s Choice 2013 – The Vote

The nominations for 2013 have now all been posted. Here are the two categories, for the public vote by club members & our blog readers. Please see our recent PLUC Member’s Choice 2013 entries for the YouTubes & more info on the nominated sites.

The polls will close on 30 Dec 2013  so the winners can be announced on New Year’s Eve. Happy voting!


NB The polls are now closed. Thank you to all our club members who selected nominations & to everyone who participated in the voting. Results are available here.

1) Best Ukulele Website Of 2013 - Poll

1) Best Ukulele Website Of 2013 – Poll

2) Best Ukulele Song Of 2013 - Poll

2) Best Ukulele Song Of 2013 – Poll


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PLUC Member’s Choice 2013 – Eric

Fittingly, I’ve saved this one until last. Look out next time for the actual poll – you’ll have around a week to pick your top sites & songs of the year from those chosen by our members.

Eric says:

My favourite is still the one the evenings end with, simply because it is such a lovely tune and the Uke is probably the best instrument to play it on.

So here is the Ukulele Ensemble of Korea, with their rendition of Aloha ‘Oe:


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PLUC Member’s Choice 2013 – Darren

I like George Elmes (he’s Irish) because he learns most of the stuff from watching videos. I struggle with it on a piece of paper in front of me.

Check out his video of Roy Smeck’s arrangement of Anton Rubinstein’s Melody In F on YouTube below.

Also, I do not use any sites (all selling something), but the best buy uke-related item this year has been an app called UChord.(for those with smart phones). Very simple to use: if you want a different voicing for a chord, you simply press C, D, G or whatever; next 6th,7th, 9ths, sharps and flats. It will then give you four variations of the chord you picked to add a little spice to your playing and also understand the fretboard a little better.

Coming up the neck is invaluable and, once you get the feel for barred chords, more simple than first position chords, and all with the ease of just moving up 1 – 2 frets, keeping the same finger position – or might just be the case of moving one finger and so on. Just watch Rufus!



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